Monday, March 16, 2009

Shamrock Shuffle 2009

What a great day for a run.

Sunday I ran in a 10k here in Madison called the Shamrock Shuffle. The weather was perfect for this time of year, about 45 and sunny at the start, no wind. My hat, gloves and underarmour kept me pretty warm. As a matter of fact I ended up carrying the gloves to the finish, my hands were sweating so much. My cranium was sweating too, but it was a bit chilly to take the hat off.

I am guessing there were several thousand people running in this thing, many were running the 10k and a lot were running the 5k. They had a staggered start, so the 10k people left first, and about ten minutes later the 5k people left. St. Patrick was even at the starting line to bless us as we left.

It was a very festive atmosphere, and many were dressed in costumes. We had many with leprechaun hats on, those silly antennas with shamrocks on the ends, people in green, etc. I even saw a bunch of easter bunnies running down the street. They had a DJ at the start and before the starting gun they played "Jump Around" by House of Pain. The crowd on State Street all started jumping to warm up. It was pretty cool.

"I'll serve your a$$ like John McEnroe,
If your girl steps up, I'm smackin' the hoe"

Ah, nothing like family lyrics to get the masses moving, I always say.

This race everyone had disposable chip timers - you tie it to your shoe and simply toss it away when you are done.

The course was quite scenic - after we left State Street we climbed Observatory Hill and ran along the southern shore of Lake Mendota for a while, then turned around and ran back. Running back up that crushing hill was NOT fun coming back. Very steep.

At the finish is was very cool - all the way down State Street the course was lined with yelling people, encouraging everyone to the finish. It really helped with a great ending kick.

So I finished in 49.43, averaging 8.01 minute miles. I am very happy with that, seeing that this course had hills - and I usually average 7.5-8.0 minute miles on the treadmill. In my age group (40-50) I placed 31st out of 69, and for all males, I placed 129th out of 301. Upper half, I simply can't complain seeing that I only train for running once a week and that my strength and Muay Thai training probably bring my times down.

Simply a great day, celebrated at the end with a beer for all the hard work. Next up, the Madison Marathon in May, in which I will be running a half marathon. There is also a 20k in between now and then, but I am not quite sure if I will do that one or not.


Carl from Chicago said...

congratulations! I am signing up for that madison one, too

Dan from Madison said...

You are doing the half marathon? Awesome!

Mark said...

Everybody and their brother is doing 10Ks. Today I had the privilege of watching the 4th annual .01K in La Crosse. Maybe next year I'll start training in time to compete.

At least it raises some money for a good cause.

Dan from Madison said...

That is awesome.