Saturday, March 21, 2009

More on Chicago Parking Meters

I wrote about the transfer of the Chicago Parking meters to a third party (and one time City of Chicago windfall) here and here.

I noted that this looked like it was going to be a fiasco because 1) the meters are not clearly marked with the new rules 2) the meters require masses (rolls!) of quarters since they (mostly) don't run on credit cards and will fill up quickly and become unusable.

The city may have sold off the meter revenue but they certainly are still all-in for the ticket revenue - as you can see from the ticketed car I saw above on a local street near my house.

This issue has picked up a lot of steam lately with headlines at the Chicago Tribune and the Sun Times.

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The Parking Ticket Geek said...

Hey Carl!

Not sure if you received the e-mail I sent to you last week, but I was still interested to know if we could publish your great post about the loss of free Sundays at parking meters.

It's a very well written post and I think our readers would really appreciate it.

E-mail me if you can.

Thanks Carl.

Mike from The Expired