Monday, March 23, 2009

It's All Relative

I saw a bill board featuring this fly by while I was on the expressway too quickly for me to snap a photo so this is a screen shot from the web site (interestingly enough, they don't own the old style URL).

The funny part is - it is probably true that it tastes better - but it starts from a vile level and likely just ekes a little higher up the non-drinkable ladder, near PBR.

Good to start off low - then there is no where to go but up.


Dan from Madison said...

I was talking to my wife last year about a "sh1tty beer showdown", in other words, having a blind taste test of some of the more popular crap stuff out there. I think that HANDS DOWN pbr will be the worst one out there.

If nothing else I will have plenty of beer leftover for brat hot tubs.

Carl from Chicago said...

My stomach is turning just thinking about your contest.

Would have to be done out of cheap plastic cups for the whole experience with "Girls Girls Girls" blasting in the background.

Dan from Madison said...

Plastic cups for sure, and probably the Boneyard on XM while it is being done.

I was thinking, maybe I won't have a lot of beer leftover, as I have seen a lot of these crap beers in the convenient 24 oz. king can or 40 oz. container available for purchase one at a time.

I am thinking
Miller Low Life
Miller Lite
Bud Lite
Busch Lite
Milwaukee's Best
Milwaukee's Best Lite
Keystone Light
Old Style
Old Milwaukee
Maybe a few others.

Suggestions welcome.

Mark said...

Like Carl, the thought of trying to sample this many varieties of swill is making my stomach turn. A couple to add: any variety of Coors or Special Export and the only beer I've ever dumped down the drain: Red Stripe (though it doesn't really fit your American theme).

Dan from Madison said...

Good call on the Coors/Coors Light. No Red Stripe, as you said American swill only.

I think if I make myself do this I will have to do a bracket system (how about a "sweet" 16?), I simply can't drink them all at once or I might die.

Carl from Chicago said...

I think you are wise to keep the malt liquors off the list. Those you would need to drink out of a paper bag not a plastic cup.

Before you did the test you'd need to determine your judging criteria. Some ideas:

- level of "metallic" aftertaste
- do you instantly throw up in your mouth a little bit after drinking
- does it taste just as bad warm as it does cold?

Of course, I drink some of those beers including High Life ON PURPOSE so I am not one to talk

Dan from Madison said...

Yes, definitely need to keep it in the "beer" category. To this day I don't know how I choked down all of those malt liquor type products in college like Little Kings and Mickeys.

I am seriously considering a "sweet" 16, and eliminating the "light" category so I can get more "flavors" in the "tasting".

Also I might have a bonus category for the light products at a later date.

I think a max of tasting four at a time is wise, as that will be pretty much all I can take. Like you said, the metallic aftertaste winner could be a bonus.

By the way, the Low Life is my summer yardworking beer, nothing wrong with it imho for the sole purpose of quenching a thirst.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Two weeks ago I had old friends over for some homemade pizza. He always liked Old Style so I bought a 12 pack. The package claimed the original formula had been restored. That was news to me. It wasn't bad at all. I liked it.

johnnyj said...

Don't forget the "vitamin R!"

Dan from Madison said...

That would definitely qualify. When the Brewers sweep the Cubs, make that my sixer for payment.