Friday, March 13, 2009

Interview With Rob Cox

I have documented my journey into Muay Thai, and discussed what the future holds for the sport here in America - in my opinion - not much, with a disclaimer. The future for MT by itself is pretty much dead, but it will still be taught.

MMA is the big dog right now. There are very few gyms (any?) that teach only Muay Thai here in the States. But ALL gyms have to teach Muay Thai for the standup game in MMA - this is an absolute must for any MMA fighter. If your striking stinks, you will lose in MMA - and MT is the king as far as striking goes. Sure boxing is fine, but if you start getting kicked, well, we have all seen this video.

This interview with Rob Cox is awesome and goes a long way to paint a picture of where MT has been and where it seems to be going. Rob talks very frankly about the influence of gambling and how that has changed the rules a bit in Thailand as regards the clinch. It seems that the national sport of Thailand isn't exactly rocking it over there, but it isn't on the deathbed either.

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