Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Coyotes Continued

Well, apparently the stuff is hitting the fan a little bit wrt the coyote problem here in Madison. Two family pets (both dogs) have now died and there is now a public meeting scheduled, where I assume nothing will be done.

This article was on the front page of the Wisconsin State Journal today. An alderman is quoted a few times in there, and I assume the complaints of the people in his ward are what made him get on the stick to organize the meeting, where wildlife people from the Wisconsin DNR, City of Madison and UW will be attending.

The whole theme of the article is living with the coyotes. There is not one single mention of shooting or trapping them, the time honored way to rid yourself of a pest. I couldn't ever imagine the council of the city of Madison approving a hunt for them. So reproduce, they will.

I was floored by this quote from the article:

While they say they feel badly for the families that lost their dogs, wildlife experts say coyotes are likely here to stay and that removing the animals is not an option because more coyotes would simply move in. Instead, said Doug Fendry, a wildlife specialist with the DNR, residents can take a number of steps that will reduce run-ins with coyotes. The most important of those measures, he said, is not letting small dogs or cats outside unattended, especially in neighborhoods known to be home to coyotes.

So OK, lets just let them reproduce unstopped on the assumption that more will come in. No wonder there is such a problem with these damned dogs around here. Attitudes such as these will cause the problem to get much larger. Hunting and trapping are the real way to rid yourself of the pests.

I wonder if the experts think that we should no longer have the annual deer hunt (which is barely keeping the deer population manageable) since more deer would simply move in.

The article does mention that the coyotes are keeping the insane turkey population (I see them all over the place in Madison) in check now, and I have learned that they eat goose eggs, which is also good as we have boatloads of those around now crapping on my sacred bike paths.

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Now this is the new coyote quote of all time:
CeAnn Lambert, who runs the Indiana Coyote Rescue Center, insists the animal posed no threat to divers."The coyote would have acted just like a dog," she said. "It would have clung to the person trying to save it."


Gerry from Valpo said...

Good timing. The ChiTrib did a piece today about a coyote that was caught on a Lake Michigan ice flow.

A fire department scuba team and helicopter were dispatched to save the cuddly little thing but called off the attempt so the lives of the rescue would not be endangered.

Can you imagine what the published public reaction was? Urban idiots I tells ya'.

Read the story.,0,2773301.story

Dan from Madison said...

AWESOME article, made my day with a chuckle. Main post updated, tx, Gerry.

Gerry from Valpo said...

"It would have clung to the person trying to save it."

Yep. Like a Michael Vick pit bull.

Mad Jack said...

I don't believe my eyes! Could it be that there is another gun owner in Madison? I thought I was all alone out here...

I saw the coyote article and posted an appropriate comment in the scandal sheet. I advocate shooting the coyotes, and then, as more move in to replace the casualties, shooting more coyotes. See?

I learned all about coyotes when I lived in South Dakota, from my good friend Commander Cody who had the patience to explain to an Easterner what coyotes are really good for.

"From time to time, a man needs a movin' target."

- The Poor But Honest Gun Trader of South Dakota

Deer Tracking Cameras said...

We've seen a big increase in the coyote populations around here. I can remember not long ago, rarely ever seeing a coyote. I'm seeing them on a frequent basis now.