Thursday, February 12, 2009

Smart cars at Binnys

Within my household there is a strong fan of the "smart car" concept. The main attraction is that you could (theoretically) park head-on in a street spot that would usually require parallel parking, or if not being so bold at least fit into spots that other cars cannot. Or you could theoretically park two cars (tandem style) in the space of a single spot. While neither of these two ideas is too practical, generally I will be buying a small car of some sort, not bigger than my current Altima, when that old Nissan dies, just for the sake of being in the city and having to get around in our parking garage.

Down at Binny's the lot is usually a complete zoo - sometimes they even have a guy out there directing traffic - so I chuckled seeing the small size of the Smart car next to a full size one. They definitely could pack in more liquor-buyers if everyone drove a tiny car like that, but maybe it would be partially offset by the fact that you'd have to carry your case of beer on the passenger's lap due to low cargo space. Someone needs to do an equation on that. For me, I just walk and even got a custom "Binny's" nylon carrying bag to reduce the pile of white plastic bags cluttering up my condo. Reuse and repeat.


Dan from Madison said...

If I lived in Chicago (shudder) I would probably have one of those tiny suckers, as long as it could get up to 65 on the expressway. Great idea.

Gerry from Valpo said...

I dunno, underpowered, top heavy and probably worthless in the slop. But as a second car why not? Looks like fun.