Saturday, February 14, 2009

Back to college

While I was in Wisconsin with Dan we stopped by a bar right next to the basketball stadium called the "Nitty Gritty". One of their themes is a birthday bar so if you are having a birthday nearby and you want to get extremely intoxicated this is the place for you...

Last time Dan and I went out in Madison we met the "poison apothecary" over at Mondays bar but this time the focus was not on the absolute potency of the drinks but the sheer quantity of the drinks. I didn't realize the special and it was 2 for 1 and of course since we were the only people tipping in the sea of humanity the next thing I know our little table was covered in about a dozen beers. Oh well I think I spent about $50 the whole night which seemed very reasonable. The place was completely packed and jumping on a Thursday night and everyone seemed prime to go out much later while Dan and I headed off to our respective places that night. I forgot what it was like to stay up super late and sleep in until noon... can't do that anymore. Good times, though.


Dan from Madison said...

Yes that was fun. I liked the "power hour". Good thing we didn't have that back when we were at U of I. Quarter beers and Little Kings specials were bad enough.

Also, lines of the night: "we hated this song before you were born", "Svetlana", and "21 + 17 = 39".

Carl from Chicago said...

Ha ha many good lines that night

Also beautiful weather for mid Feb in Madison