Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 Things I'd Like to do Before I Croak

Lou put up a post with this same exact title, and in the true spirit of the intertubes, I figured I would rip him off. I hope he doesn't mind since I am one of his tens of regular readers.

In no particular order:

1. Take a three week cruise around the Solomon Islands and New Guinea to see all of the famous battle sites from WW2 like Tarawa, Guadalcanal, etc. There are actually companies that do these tours, and you go with a professor who guides the onshore expeditions.

2. Be able to be in a position to someday be a "snowbird". For those who don't know, that is someone who winters in a warm climate, and summers up here. My ideal situation is to have a summer home around South Haven, Michigan, and winter somewhere in Arizona. Love the desert.

3. Train Muay Thai at one of the many camps in Thailand for a few weeks. Along with that, see fights at the famous Lumpini Stadium.

4. Take my grandson to a baseball game.

5. Be there to witness my daughter's graduation from whatever field they choose to school in. Better yet, watch them succeed in thier chosen profession.

6. Ride my bike in a velodrome.

7. Ride my bike on some of the routes the Tour de France takes.

8. Learn how to make really good beer. I tried a few times and was almost there but gave up. Time is the factor here.

9. Get a Master's degree in Military History, and maybe even a Ph D.

10. Get back to Italy.

Simple man, simple pleasures, I guess.

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Snakeye said...

ah yes - brewing good beer is quite time consuming. I haven't been able to do a batch yet!