Saturday, January 03, 2009

Trump Tower

The Trump Tower is almost complete in Chicago. The building is innovative in that they started occupying it with paying tenants while construction was underway. Now the external construction appears to be about done (they probably haven't built out the interior of the top floors yet) and now they are putting the "spire" atop the building.

They tried to put this up a few weeks ago but high winds stopped them midway. I had a good view from my condo but it was slow going so I went out for lunch and shopping and got a nice view of them working on it from near State and Grand.

On the top picture you can clearly see a few guys out in the cold trying to link up the two main pieces of the assembly - the one from the helicopter and the one already attached. Whatever those guys were getting paid - they were earning their keep - it was cold and windy on the ground but probably much worse 90+ stories up, with a big copter overhead, to boot.

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Dan from Madison said...

That had to be so cold, you are right, that had to be a terrible job.