Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Perfect Drug

Oh man it is good to be back in the gym. That two week break was fantastic to heal the body, but it was nice to be back banging away.

Our new curriculum will feature more sparring it seems, which is fine with me. I don't think you can really...I mean really...put your MT game together without sparring. But your partners have to know how to spar.

You can knee or kick someone without damaging them as badly as you would in a real fight - just ease off at the end of the strike.

We sparred three rounds last night. My partner was pretty good, until the third round. He was gassed, and my cardio took over - I started scoring points whenever and wherever I wanted. I love doing that to people, especially people 10 years my junior.

After class I held pads for the fighters and it was super. I did nine rounds and afterward people were coming up to me and congratulating me and telling me how awesome I looked in there. Apparently good pad holders are not exactly a dime a dozen, and I am becoming a valued commodity in the gym. I like that.

I didn't even notice until I was done, but I had a small audience of people (who weren't working out) looking at how I was putting my fighters through their paces. They were talking to the instructor and asking how the hell I got to that level. Very satisfying. I asked one of the assistant instructors how I looked in there and he gave me a strange look and said "dude, you are insane with the pads". Awesome. I still wish I could get into the ring, but since I can't, perfecting my padwork is the next best thing, and I can help the fighters out.

As I was driving home, I was pretty damned tired from all of the working out (I did my strength circuits too) but was high as a kite from all the endorphins. It is like drugs. I thought to myself, "this is the perfect drug", to borrow a line from a Nine Inch Nails song. And what came up on XM radio as the next song? You guessed it - I blasted it.

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Carl from Chicago said...

that is one of my favorite NIN songs. I particularly like the drum break late.

The video is also very creepy. Rob Zombie is a movie director but Trent Reznor would probably do better.