Friday, January 02, 2009

Proud to be Old School


It annoys me to see sappy local print and TV news reports from the Chicago media alerting me to the tough economy and how to survive it. I fart in their general direction. All my life we have been frugal and not only have lived within our means but sought out bargains in order to save and invest for the future. In good times as well as bad we always had that little bit extra to enjoy life.

Using your brain is like, so old school.

I hate shopping for clothes and shoes. My size must be common because what I like is never available in my size.

Call me a ‘surgical’ shopper. My strategic plan is to maximize value in minimum time. Tactically the stores closest to home will be hit first, a mapping plan using ancient technology ensures my hit and run offensive is efficient and productive.

This excludes trips to Cabela’s, Bass Pro, Menards and liquor stores where temptation can get the best of me so whenever possible I take a limited amount of cash and leave the credit card at home.

Using cash to shop anytime keeps one from going totally government, where you become oblivious to the available funds vs. what you are spending. Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

Today I went shopping for necessities. Underwear, socks and work out clothing. By work out clothing I mean traditional drawstring sweat pants with elastic in the ankles and sweatshirts in XLT, not overpriced Calvin Hilfinger or Polo-Boy fashion wear. In winter months live in this stuff while working from home.

Here's how my plan played out:

Cash check at bank (so I’m old school).
Head over to Wal-Mart, two miles south on US30.
Grab a cheap pack of frozen hot breakfast sausage patties.
Head over to men’s wear.
Look for big rack of work out clothing
They have my pant size, XLT, so I grab three pair. No shirts in XLT. Dang.
Checkout $5. each pair and $4 for 2lb sausage. $20.65

Drive to Marshall’s, 1mi. north.
Head for Men’s socks.
3 pack white Nike padded socks for $5.99
Bought three.
Nice mesh licensed NFL and college jerseys for $20. I pass.
9 Pair thick white sox under $20, cha-ching!!

Drive across the highway to Kohl’s (3 day sale going on)
Hanes briefs pkg of three for $10 each with extras at ½ off.
6 pair for $20. Cha-Ching!

Total time: 1 ½ hr
Total cost: $60+change

I'm good for a year with necessities.

Tomorrow I’m off to the outlet mall in Michigan City. Two years ago I bought classic Lee and Wrangler jeans for $10. a pair at this place. Bought four. I'm still wearing them. Eddie Bauer should be good for cheap turtlenecks and knit sweaters too.

More shopping tips in the next few days.


Dan from Madison said...

Work out clothes! You are doing it! Great!

Whatever you are doing, start slow, work your way up so you don't hurt yourself.

One nit, you should have picked up on the socks at walmart, would have killed the Marshalls trip.

I am 1000% amazed at how cheap it is to eat...still. Moo and Oink, Rib tips for just over $1 per pound. Thats all I have to say about that.

Carl from Chicago said...

Nice photo of you in the grocery store :)