Sunday, January 11, 2009

How's Your Winter Going So Far?

Don’t know about you but it's the weekend and I definitely ain’t goin’ nowhere.

Just like one of my all time favorite tunes. Crank it up.

There was another snowstorm Friday morning good for an inch or two. It let up for a few hours but overnight it dumped about 6” more. Saturday afternoon it dumped another 1-2” more. I just can’t deal with constant street slop anymore, or as Dan calls it, snirt.

Sure wish I had some venison for a nice winter stew tonight. Wait…I do have some venison!

I have a freezer full of wild duck and pheasant but I’m in the mood for Bambi tonight. Luckily, friend and neighbor shares his venison bounty with me. He stuck five nice Bambi’s last season. Not bad for a 70 y/o guy, huh?

Let’s see, driveway cleared? Check.

Fire in the fireplace? Check.

Venison? Check.

Note that my venison is free of marbling and all fat. If you ever get some venison to cook make sure any and all all fat and connective tissue is removed, that’s where any “gamey” flavor will come from. Ditch the bones too. Most folks who have eaten wild game and complained of the gamey taste has ignored these basic rules. I could easily forget beef all together if venison were readily available. It has so much more flavor and very little fat.

A recipe I want to experiment with comes from Emeril. He called it mood beef and we have made it before with beef round. If beef round is extremely lean then venison should be a good substitute, right?

When someone asks me how to cook a great wild game dinner my response is first you need to shoot the game. Cooking wild game is very simple, just use wild fowl in a recipe as a substitute for chicken and use venison as a substitute for domestic beef. Use your favorite recipes, ones you have already tested. There are no “wild game cooking secrets” other than what I have already said. Buy wild game cookbooks and you’re not really wasting time and money, they’re just not necessary.

An illustrated recipe will follow in another post.


Chris from Colorado said...

The Byrds, one of the best.

Kind of strange that 3 birds are still in the playoffs, and a team that steals their division.

Nice fire. Nice looking venison. And, nice driveway.

Carl from Chicago said...

My winter is going about as well as that frozen cylinder of garbage on the street near my house.

But the food and drink looks good!