Friday, January 30, 2009


My brother brought this to my attention. Notice a similarity?

Is it a coincidence that NBC has the Super Bowl telecast this year? NBC may as well be the National Barack Channel. This means Costas. And Olberman.

The thought had not occurred to me.

Excuse me while I wretch.


Carl from Chicago said...

How's your brother doing? Haven't seen him since the last target practice over at the Indiana farms

Dan from Madison said...

Please tell me that Olberdouche won't be on the Super Bowl telecast. Yuck.

eriko said...

Nah. It's like when the new cool was blue led's or naming everything with 'i' like icar, imac, etc. Every year or so there is the new cool in graphics design. This year it is the "wrap it around a virtual sphere w/ solid colors" look.