Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beating Indiana

Last year the Illini men's NCAA basketball team had a lousy season and then really started to get it together at the Big Ten tournament, until falling in the championship game.

This year, even though they are unranked, they have done well this season, including a win against #9 Purdue.

But it is always sweet to whip up on Indiana, and we beat them by THIRTY ONE points. Indiana basketball vs. Illini basketball is like the Bears vs. the Packers, a hated rivalry.

Hope we kill them again next meeting.

This is nothing against Indiana per se home of Gerry... just IU basketball and the never ending war w/Illinois (unfortunately we usually get the worst of it).


Dan from Madison said...

That was glorious. Indiana stinks this year, but is still great to kick them while they are down.

Gerry from Valpo said...

In the world of Indiana University basketball the big rivalry has always been with Purdue and Kentucky. Those matchups were very exciting over the decades especially in or near tournament play.

Illinois v. Indiana may be a big deal for the Chief Illiniwek tribe but not for the Hoosier fans so much and I think we know why.

Illinois was usually a guaranteed patsy, good for two conference wins a year. I do miss seeing Lou Henson's comb over quivering during Indiana games. What a sight. I swear that thing on his head was alive.

Annie said...

*drums fingertips together*

Carl from Chicago said...

We can't think from the Indiana University point of view. It is too alien.

Illini b-ball has had its moments, and a couple of years we had bona-fide national title shots.

Agreed that Indiana has a much longer history and that they don't focus on us much, but, we still care and revel in it.

My best college football moment in history was the U of I defeat of OSU in 2007. Sure we lost in the Rose Bowl and it wasn't even close but we can savor big memories to us.