Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sports Massage

I turned 40 yesterday to very little fanfare (thank god). One of the things I wanted for my birthday was a pack of sports massages, and I got it from my wonderful wife. As I have been amping up my training with all of the strength circuits, running, biking, and MT, things are getting a bit sore from time to time, and I wanted to try some massages out.

I have never had an "official" massage before from a professional. Oh sure I have had those fun type massages from past girlfriends/current wife that turn into something quite else within five minutes or so. But these will be one hour sessions on the table with a professional sports therapist/massager. I looked at the woman's profile on the web and she is a dedicated triathlete - from the photos I saw it looks as though she might break me in half.

This should be interesting, I am calling today to start setting up these appointments. I am sure that this will help me loosen up a bit, especially in the arms and legs, places where I need the help most - my arms and chest are pretty sore from the strength circuits, and my legs are beat to hell from having kicks blocked in MT, as well as upped conditioning from our tests coming up.

Nop over at My Muay Thai calls his Thai massage place the "torture chamber", since they put his body throgh the wringer so much getting all the knots out - but he says he loves the feeling afterward. We will see.


JMAC said...

Dfm, these are definitely the 'short term pain for the long term gain' variety of massages! Well worth it, though, especially with your training program.

Drink lots of water after!!


Dan from Madison said...

Everyone keeps telling me to drink a ton of water. Must be to flush the pending toxin release?

JMAC said...

Yes, you're exactly right.

Carl from Chicago said...

No update on how this went?

Dan from Madison said...

Haven't been able to get times together yet with the masseuse.