Sunday, December 28, 2008

Onion Sports 2008

My wife has had enough with the cooking routine for this holiday season, so I was dispatched to my favorite watering hole to procure some dinner. As is my custom I always grab a copy of The Onion on the way in. To my surprise this latest edition is the 2008 Onion Sports "Best Of" Edition.

Right up top on the front page is the headline "Patriots Season Perfect For Rest Of Nation". I couldn't agree more.

Pacman Jones: Who do I have to Kill to get Reinstated into the NFL?

"Thousands of Phillies Fans Boo Phillies Victory Parade"

"Red Sox Pay Eric Gagne $10 Million to Play for Brewers" - Man did I live that dream this year.

"Injured Player Gives Thumbs Down While Being Carted Off Field".

"Citing Poor Conditions, China Refuses To Send Delegation To Olympics"

"90% of Athletes survive Beijing Olympics"

"Manny Ramirez Breaks Free From Contract After 8 Years of Stifling Championship Baseball"

Of course there are more, but you get the idea.


Dan from Madison said...

D'oh, I almost forgot one of my all time favorites - "Bengals fan pretty sure which Bengals team will show up this week"

Carl from Chicago said...

Ha ha also in other onion sports articles:

- Cowboys playbook just diagrams of celebrations and taunts

- Manny asks to work from home

- Florida Gators move from NFL quality linemen to actual NFL linemen

Dan from Madison said...

I forgot that Florida one, that is an all timer.

Dan from Madison said...

Oh man how could I forget "NFL Goes On Nationwide Crime Spree As Plaxico Burress Creates Diversion"