Friday, December 19, 2008

Nature’s Zamboni

It’s been snowy and cold here in Valpo since Halloween, an early winter indeed.

This morning we awoke to a freaky overnight storm that went from snow to sleet to freezing rain and back. It glazed the driveway but since it was mixed with snow and sleet this little winter cocktail went down easy.

We were worried about trees falling. If this storm had any breeze to it 100’ tall hardwood trees in my neck of the woods would be crushing houses at will. A dead branch or two fell harmlessly.

There’s still a layer of late-falling oak leaves on the lawn under that early winter frozen crust too. Not good.

The outboards and tractor have yet to be winterized.

This early cold spell screwed everything up. At least the hunting season was outstanding.

Global warming my a$$.

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