Saturday, December 13, 2008

An Interview Entrepreneur

I was walking near work recently when I saw this guy with a sandwich board (it was a few weeks ago because he isn't dressed like an Eskimo) and a sign reading "I will buy an interview" and his own web site At the web site you can see that it is the same person in the photos - his name is Javier Pujals. From a review of his resume he has a varied business background, acting as a project manager, business analyst, and having set up his own firm at one point. He also says he has five kids, which probably accounts for his zeal and ability to face ridicule by standing on the street corner like this.

As far as being a creative stunt, it is a good idea. This approach draws attention and if you had a marketing company you'd probably appreciate the "flair".

As far as the current job market goes, it is terrible. I was talking with a co-worker recently about the idea whether or not someone was a "flight risk" - then I interrupted and said, "where is he going to go to find a job?"

Companies across the spectrum are cutting back. The financial sector is seeing layoffs at major banks and retail chains and restaurants are liquidating. A friend of mine said that there is hiring - "in medicine and education" - and I took a look at the Sunday paper and, true enough, most of the want ads seemed to be in those two sectors.

I remember the economy in the early 90's... it seemed terrible. You had to take what you could get in employment, even if the fit wasn't right and / or the work was tedious or in a sector you didn't like. We had the dot-com bust in the early 2000's but this business downturn seems far more severe.

Best of luck to this guy...

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