Sunday, December 07, 2008

Happy Holidays Under The Tree

As a kid I loved toy trains. I had a big Lionel train and a few of the smaller HO scale trains. Recently I felt the need to complete my Christmas Tree with a train and went out and bought an "all in one" kit, with track, engine and a few cars plus a caboose. The set was $90 and the track has been much improved since I last built one 20+ years ago - it now comes on a plastic base and once you connect it together it stays together. The transformer is also much better - the old ones used to smell acrid - and the speeds have many more options (it used to either crawl or SURGE forward, frequently going off the track).

BIG fun!


Dan from Madison said...

Now that is cool. But you need more cars on that train.

Carl from Chicago said...

Actually I had to optimize the cars. I had a tanker car but for some reason it kept derailing. So he had to go back in the box. Also my tree is kind of small so I didn't want the track to be too "full" of train.

Some day my dream is to have a place with the track up near the ceiling and to have it run up above. That would be great.

The movie turned out pretty well considering I took it on my camera not my cam corder. Probably because my camera was flat on the ground and not moving around.

Dan from Madison said...

Cut it out with the excuses and get more cars on that train. You should maybe find a "Schlitz" car since that is your new favorite beer.

johnnyj said...

Very Cool.
I remember my first train set was (originally)from the 60's (my 'old man' handed it down)...It has the '3-prong' on each piece of track so when you're a dumb young kid--you get 'shocked' putting it together because you want to make sure it works piece by piece!

Good times. Trains are cool. Buy them for your kids!

I'll have to dig mine out here sometime soon...