Friday, December 05, 2008

Concert Review: Electric Six and Local H

Back a couple of months ago Carl came up to Madison and we went to the Wisco-Illinois game (more on that later). Illinois got taken to the woodshed. Sigh.

Afterward we went to a cool map store on the Capitol Square, then over to Mondays, which Carl reviewed. After that we ate some Afghan food at Kabul (Carl and I almost always go ethnic when dining out), then sauntered over to the High Noon Saloon to see the show.

Sadly, every photo I took turned out horrible.

Local H opened up and was very good. For those not familiar, they are a two piece band. The guitarist plays a bass through some electronics that go through his instrument. The drummer smashed his kit with great fury. I have a couple of complaints though - the singer gave us too much political talk. It was right before the election and he went on and on about the Obamessiah ad nauseum. I eventually started to booo him, as did many others. One other minor nit, they didn't play Eddie Vedder or Toxic, both songs that I really wanted to hear. The best song they played was California Songs, and it really got the crowd rocking. A very good warm up act.

After a 45 minute wait after Local H was done, Electric Six came out. Dick Valentine had a cape on, a la the old James Brown act. Electric Six was right on, playing all of my favorites. I think one of the first songs that got a strong crowd reaction was Down at McDonnelzzz - the crowd all yelled "the people need a place to GO" during the song, and that was fun. Formula 409 was great as well in the first set. Dick Valentine went on his own rant about the election, but it was very much enjoyable since nobody could possibly understand what he was trying to say. You could understand the words, but they simply didn't make any sense, as it should be. If some performer is going to give me a political lecture, at least have it make no sense, I always say.

Later in the show they pulled out the great oldies like Gay Bar, Improper Dancing, I Buy The Drugs, and Danger! High Voltage. The last song was Dance Commander. During one of these songs two women grabbed Carl and myself and began some 'improper dancing' to borrow a phrase. The one grabbed me from behind but didn't realize (or care) that I had a full pint of beer in my hand - as she swung me to and fro my beer spilled all over the floor. Oh well, a few bucks well spent.

Oddly, after a very long day of drinking and carousing Carl and I weren't totally blacked out by the end of this show and were mostly functional. In an odd event earlier in the evening, the two women who grabbed us and danced informed us that they were in some way related to one of the band members of the Electric Six. I think one of them was the guitarists sister or something. Anyways we were invited backstage to meet the band, and we wisely declined. Funny stuff.

The crowd was great as we talked to a lot of people and the lines to the bathrooms and bars were always manageable. The sound was crisp and right on.

A great ending to a great day.

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Carl from Chicago said...

That was a great show. Need to see them again.