Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanks, Tom


Yesterday this brave bird gave his life so those of us at the top of the food chain could give thanks. He was very juicy after brining overnight and roasting in the new Wolf oven with a built-in temperature probe. Perfect is the word. Thank you Mr. Tom.

Then this morning came a blood curdling scream, "it's cold n here and the furnace won't work". Dayum. I never touch the thermostat. It's one of those hour-by-hour seven day temperature thingies. I am not as sensitive to temperatures within three degrees but she is and if I screw with it I have to listen to incessant whining and bitching for hours on end so I never look at the thing. OK, so there's no heat. First I ask her, "is it turned on?" Of course, she says. So I bring in the kerosene heater from the garage to shut her shivering pie hole and fire up the kero heat. Then she calls the HVAC guy. $80. for a diagnostic and then an estimate for repairs they tell her on the phone. Fine. All I do is clean the electrostatic and metal filters twice a year. Other than that, she is in total climate control.

HVAC guys shows up and heads for the basement while I stay in my office. About fifteen minutes later I hear the basement door close. Then he says to her,"did you turn off the thermostat?". That's when I head downstairs. It seems that yesterday a guest may have turned off the heat and to do so one must lift the front panel and switch the heat to "off". A deliberate move. When I met up with the HVAC guy he told me there was no problem with the Lennox Pulse 21 furnace which is 16 years old.

$80. to have HVAC guy tell me the dayum thing was unplugged. Talk about feeling stoopid. How embarrassing. Never again will I surrender the climate control. I have a list of 22 guests and narrowed it down to one busybody culprit. I know it was her, she's an in-law who always screws with stuff without asking. She's done it elsewhere and has been caught.

Oh well.

Tomorrow, it's Winamac game bird-o-rama. One last time this year for me and Speck.

Grab your ankles midwesterners, here comes winter. Ice. Snow. Slop. Bring it on. At least I had a furnace inspection.


Dan from Madison said...

hahahaha this exact scneario is played out thousands of times a day across the USA. Thank you for donating to my industry, we need all the help we can get.

Annie said...

Wow. You just can't make up crap like that! Too funny!!

Mark said...

One day my dishwasher quit working out of the blue. Lights weren't coming on, no water, etc. Being the handy man that I am I took the front panels off, poked around a while, but couldn't figure it out.

Called the plumber; receptionist lady asked me if I bumped the switch below the sink. Of course not...why would I be poking around down there. Guy came out and the first thing he did was flip the switch. Surprise!

Oh yeah, now I remember retrieving a bottle of carpet cleaner that was stuffed WAY down under the sink. Son-of-a-b!tch. Bye-bye $75. Lesson learned.