Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanks, Stoners

I don't get sick too often, but when I do, I go bigtime. All last week I had runny nose, sore throat, coughing, the whole nine yards. My sinuses swelled too, making it tough to breathe at night.

My medicine of choice has always been Dristan. Plain old Dristan. It has been around forever, and it works on me. Not only does it dry me up and reduce the swelling in my sinuses, it knocks me out. Fast. Two tablets and I am on the train to snoresville in about 20 minutes and there is no stopping it.

Last week I ran out, and went to my local Walgreens to get some and couldn't find it. Damn! I asked the pharmacist where it was and there was a bit of confusion - they couldn't decide if they didn't carry it anymore or if it wasn't made anymore. No matter, the bottom line was that they didn't have any. I said to just give me whatever is closest.

I had to give them my ID, and they entered me into some stupid database, then I had to sign a document saying I was going to use the product for what it's intended purpose was, and THEN actually buy the stuff and be on my way. I had an easier time buying booze underage when I was in college! It was crazy.

Well, I guess Dristan has some of the ingredients that are used in the manufacture of synthetic drugs like meth, and it had to be put behind the pharmacy counter like all of the Sudafed type pills. Damned stoners, thanks for helping waste 20 minutes of my life.

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Carl from Chicago said...

I think that you meant to thank "meth heads" not stoners.