Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Injun Summer Part ll

On the brighter side of life…

Moving to a season-free warm weather climate never made sense to me. Spring and fall are my favorite times of year and I would miss seasonal change terribly living in the southwest or gulf coast. Other reasons to stay put are hurricanes, brush fires, mudslides and droughts they experience. Maybe folks that live in those geographic areas consider catastrophes to be seasonal variations. Ya’think?

Technically, real Injun Summer is the warm period following the first frost. The first frost occured over a week ago and the weather has been nothing short of outstanding since then. Being home helps me enjoy it more too. For the first time I have been able watch the leaves change color and drop outside my home office window to the lawn below before my eyes. The leaf blower has gotten a good workout too.

Each October we make our way to a U-Pick apple orchard at least twice. In the past we traveled to Michigan with the young’uns for the outdoor family experience. Most U-Picks have bakeries and produce markets attached. Since moving to Indiana there is a fine one between here and LaPorte.

Picking apples means fresh blemish-free fruit and the picking window is a short one. Locally, Garwood Orchards has a wide variety.

My favorites are Honey Crisp, Fuji and Cameo. Here is a bag getting filled with Fuji’s.

Being at home means enjoying apple picking during the week without an abundance of weekend urban leaf-peepers and their kiddies crowding a peaceful walk in the orchard.

I still carve pumpkins even if my kiddies are grown. The best part is salting and roasting the seeds. Here is my masterpiece from this year.

Looks like a big blow coming in tomorrow night followed by a rainy cold front. It could mark the official end of Injun Summer 08.



Dan from Madison said...

Yep, yesterday was the last nice day until May. Turkey time coming, indeed!

Carl from Chicago said...

I like that Pumpkin. He's got character