Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Book That Takes Forever to Read

I am a pretty fast reader. I blow through magazines, books and the like in pretty short order. Except for one book, the one you see above.

The Black Book of Communism is a book written by several people about the crimes that Communism committed over the last century (many still ongoing such as North Korea). Communism as a word cracks me up a bit as basically it always ends up being a bunch of gangsters running a country and its people into the ground, all wrapped up in a "for the people" package. The only winners are those who play the game by the rules set from above. And there is a lot of waste in between. By waste, I mean people. Unfortunately.

It is always the same slogans, programs, trials, slave camps, "re-education" facilities, and firing squads.

After reading about a hundred pages or so, you see the word "shot" so many times you just pass over it. I don't see that word too many times in my normal reading, but I would guess the word "shot" is printed in this book thousands of times.

The crimes that gangsters committed under the guise of Communism in the 20th century are truly staggering. Communism is responsible for the worst acts in all of human history.

This book is really hard to explain; you just have to read it- if you have the guts. I started reading this book about three years ago and am only on page 369. Last night while the kids were handing out trick or treat candy, I picked it back up. I am on the section on Poland. I made it another four pages, and had to put it back down. I might pick it back up in another month or so. It is that tough.

And it isn't like I never read about people dying - being a WW2 nut and all.

I haven't even started China yet! I think that unless I lose the part of my brain that contains the sympathetic feelings I will finish this book sometime in 2013. My other plan is just to read ten pages a day until it is done, and get it over with quickly.


Carl from Chicago said...

I need to bring myself to read this.

"Gulag" depressed me for a long time. Also "the private life of Chairman Mao" by his doctor. And of course that "wages of destruction" book by Tooze

Dan from Madison said...

I have also read all three of those books. They aren't even close, except perhaps Gulag.

Carl from Chicago said...

They are all subsets of the gulag except for Tooze... and as you and I know facism / communism are pretty close bedfellows so you could stuff them all in the same terrible bag

Dan from Madison said...

The problem with the BBoC is that they actually tell you how the people were "liquidated", i.e. dragged out into fields and shot, had rocks tied around their heads and shoved into a river, whole towns eliminated with poison gas, etc. etc. And it happens over and over and over. I truly dread the section on China. I read another five pages on Poland last night, not pretty as with most of the rest of the book.

Carl from Chicago said...

that ought to be required reading for all high school students