Tuesday, November 18, 2008

As If It Never Left

A classic lake effect snow was predicted for counties east of here last night. Porter County could see three inches. Here’s what I woke up to.

Officially ten inches of frozen global warming fell on the country bunker. These things are unpredictable since it all depends on the precise direction of the wind. Lake effect snow storms are not part of any organized weather system, they can only happen when conditions are just so. A huge open lake to the north with cold air blowing to the south and temps below 32 mean Valpo is ground zero. Winds from the northwest means South Bend gets whacked. Rarely when the wind is northeast Chicago can get some. Here’s a radar image screen grab I saved at 7:30am this moring.

Another one is predicted for Thursday night but tomorrow being in the forties means most of this should be gone. Good thing I had the two-stage Airens ready to go.

I remember when fifteen inches dumped on us one night a few years back. The next day after the snow removal routine I needed to travel both to the east and west. Within ten miles in each direction the ground and roads were clear and the sun was shining.

Weather phenomenon. It’s a b!tch.


Dan from Madison said...

Bummer! I had a light dusting and felt bad about that!

Gerry from Valpo said...

The snow added a nice feel to the day, I had no place to go so it was picturesque.

I have a lot of leaves being flattened under the snow and when it melts THEN I will be bummed.

It was a just bit too much too soon.

Annie said...

We got less than 2", but as always people freaked out on the roads. First icy/snowy morning and the car crashes pile up. Unfortunately, all the new drivers are not only nervous and unsure of themselves under *normal* conditions, they're thrown into testing out their skills on patchy ice or in fog.