Sunday, October 05, 2008


It didn't happen. This wasn't the year.

This is beyond my wildest dream. I could not have written a better script.

How fitting it is this meltdown concluded just a few blocks from Hollywood.

Cub fans can now stop naming their children, pets and lawn mowers "Wrigley", "Addison", "Waveland" or "Sheffield".

The Cubs Just Suck. They really do.

It's a fact and who will argue?

Will anyone show up at O'Hare Airport to welcome this bunch home? I can't wait for the parade tomorrow.

The 2008 Chicago Cub season and NLDS will go down as the biggest choke job in Chicago sports history. Book it.

Going to bed. With a huge sh*t eatin' grin : )

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johnnyj said...

Suck it Gerry.