Sunday, October 05, 2008

New Michigan Stadium Record

Just wanted to gloat quickly about the a$$ kicking the Illini put on the Wolverines AT MICHIGAN STADIUM. In the meantime, Juice Williams set the ALL TIME record for offense at the Big House, netting a staggering 431 yards of total offense, 310 in the air and 121 on the ground. I was able to watch the second half and it was a total destruction on both sides of the line. After last years win at Ohio State I didn't think it could get much better, but this came close. I don't think anything will match the win against the Buckeyes, though. As an added bonus it was so fun to watch Rodriguez yelling at his crappy players on the sidelines.


Carl from Chicago said...

It was a fantastic victory. Too bad our opening schedule was so tough (Mizzou, Penn State on the road) or we'd be in a position for a serious bowl. Of course, they 'd be hard pressed to keep up with the lowest team in the SEC, but it represents HUGE progress.

Plus no one deserves misery and pain more than Michigan for their pompous treatment of everyone else for all those years.

Dan from Madison said...

I agree with the part about the a-hole Michigan fans, but not the part about the tough opening schedule. You either win them or not. I would rather play good teams then the ridiculous non conference schedule that teams like Penn State and Wisco have set up for themselves. I say play the best and let the chips fall, even though it may cost us a good bowl.

We would probably finish seventh or eighth in the SEC.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Maybe Rodriguez doesn't know how to recruit enough criminals. They can't all go to schools in Florida.