Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Back



Well, not really a blizzard but outside my office window this afternoon were falling balls of ice crystals. That's snow to me. I think is is being caused by the lake effect. Look hard, it's there.

This morning at the mini-mart granny told me that at 5am when she opened the snow was coming down hard.

Tonight and tomorrow night the temps will drop below 30 so haul in the garden hoses.

This growing season is...OVAH!


Dan from Madison said...

We had snow here today too. Not even November. I am going to go crazy if this winter is like the last one.

Annie said...

Yep. Here, too. 80% chance of it today turned up some flurries. We'll see what the 30% chance does for tomorrow.

Carl from Chicago said...

Man it is cold here today too.

It is funny that Dan doesn't like snow since it is great for his business.

but I can understand it is very windy in Madison

Dan from Madison said...

Snow doesn't do anything for business, cold does however. And you saw this last weekend that cold is definitely my kryptonite now. Lowering your fat percentage and shaving the dome will have that effect.

Carl from Chicago said...

You didn't lower your fat percentage you eliminated it

Anonymous said...

Nothing like discussing the weather to get a blog rolling.