Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dirty Rotten Thieves

My blogmates and those who follow the exploits of LITGM are aware of my use for used political lawn signs. They make cheap shooting targets. They stick in the hill side easily and with a red sticky dot on a paper plate taped to them what’s not to like?

After an election I go out and rid the countryside of this environmental pollution since they seem to stay up for weeks. Considering that they contribute to environmental harm and Gorebal warming it is my civic duty. Someone needs to clean up the mess.

A week ago a B.H.O campaign sign went up on my street. I was shocked considering my neighborhood. So I immediately went into town to the county R.H.Q. to get my own sign and proudly displayed it in front of the old country bunker.

The next day…it was gone. Stolen. Swiped. Ripped-Off.

I would never tamper with a sign until the election is over and I would never remove a sign from private property at any time period. It’s not right and as far as I am concerned it’s a crime.

Another trip into town and I picked up a half-dozen so if it happens again the sign will be promptly replaced.

An interest in politics and understanding the issues in the upcoming national election is very important to me and should be to you, if you value your liberty and freedoms. The leftist culture war against American traditions and the Constitution is in a battle for the ages right here, right now. The socialists among us want to take more of my money and all of my guns. They are in the best position ever to do so.

Remember the “bitter-clinger” comment by B.H.O.? Did you see that guy Joe The Plumber in a video exchange with B.H.O where The Almighty One told Joe point-blank he wanted more of Joe’s money to “spread the wealth”?

The socialists are doing everything possible and even breaking laws to gain power. Voter fraud, outright lying, media manipulation and celebrity hack endorsements is bad enough, stealing my lawn sign from private property before the election has me completely outraged. Was it a neighbor or a paid operative of the democrat party sent out to engage in this type of behavior? I want to believe it wasn’t a neighbor.

If it happens again I am making my own signs and putting them up also. It will look exactly like this:

I truly hope more Americans are like Joe and see through the lies and contempt these socialist douchenozzles have for our priceless way of life and select the only candidate who will defend truth, justice and the American way.

The opposite will truly be tragic.


Dan from Madison said...

Sadly, it appears that it is all over but the crying, Obama seems to be in pretty good position to win.

He will be a one termer for certain, and we need to hope that if nothing else the Repubs get enough to filibuster in the Senate or it is truly curtains.

Dan from Madison said...

As for the guys who stole your sign, a pox on them for stealing private property.

Gerry from Valpo said...

OVER? Did you say it's OVER?

Nothing is over until we decide it is.

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?


c-diddy said...

When I die, I want to come back reincarnated as a douchenozzle. Oh yeah.

I hear McCain has been taking bass lessons and plans on jamming with the Eagles,fairly soon

Dan from Madison said...

You have a point there Gerry, nobody gave the Americans a chance at Stalingrad either. You never know what can happen.

Dan from Madison said...

But I will say this, I am shopping for an evil black rifle now, rather than waiting for the next Clinton gun ban.

Annie said...

Regarding signs:
I won't have one in my yard. I've read too many accounts of people being targeted for hate crime because of them.
Regarding the election being "over but for the crying":
Says who? All I ever read is "polls say this...polls say that".
Have you ever been polled? Have 10 of your friends/coworkers/family?
Not me, not once...and nobody I know either! I've never met ANYone who owns up to being polled.
Although I've met tons of people from blue states who are voting McCain/Palin...they've never been polled either!

Dan from Madison said...

Trust me, I want Obama to lose very badly, but people who are putting money on it say 87% chance of Obama winning. Just sayin'. Prediction markets are proving to be pretty reliable with these things, especially when real money is on the line.

Annie said...

Well then let's hope the same thing happens that normally does...
Polls project a "winner", people who'd have voted for him figure "what's the point? He's got it now anyhow..." and they don't turn out to vote...leaving people like me to fricken sweep the country! :-P

Dan from Madison said...

Preach it sista!

Gerry from Valpo said...

Don't forget the silent majority. Joe the plumber just woke 'em up. Count on some media backlash too. I like the long shot. He's been one his whole life.

jonathan said...

It's not over. First, the media are lying about everything, so you can't trust what they say, including polls. The odds are against McCain but the race is closer than the media want us to believe. Second, the opinion climate can turn around overnight. Look at how sensitive it is to one, unplanned Joe-the-plumber incident. There's a lot about this election that isn't being discussed by the media. Every time a media-suppressed idea escapes the force field and gets discussed publicly, McCain gains in the polls.

I like the second sign. Why not put it up now?

Dan from Madison said...

I hope you people are right. Those who are putting money on it say Obama 83% as of this writing, per Intrade.

jonathan said...

I'm not saying the odds aren't against McCain. I'm saying anything can happen and McCain supporters shouldn't give up.

Dan from Madison said...

True - I don't remember what the intrade numbers looked like for Bush/Kerry, but I remember being quite surprised when Bush pulled it off.

Gerry from Valpo said...

I am trying to upload my artwork for "change" to cafepress for shirts, signs and stickers so I can get them printed. Having some problems but hope to have them available on Monday. Will post info at the time if anyone is interested.

Anonymous said...

Please, bloggers, tell me how McCain is going to get us on the right track. Why, does he deserve to be the next president?

BTW, I support neither candidate at this point.

Annie said...

Sorry...I can NOT believe that with two weeks left there is even one "undecided" person left.
If you truly have no idea who you're voting for (or against) by now, you haven't been paying attention.

Gerry from Valpo said...

You are correct, Annie. I ain't takin' that bait.

Annie said...

Check out this sign.

BHO said...

Dear LITGM bloggers,

Soon I will be elected President of the United States. Next year I will take office.

I will make orders to take your guns, and have them melted down and made into 'I voted for McCain' pins, which you will wear in your assigned quarters. Forget about the tailgating at Bears games, bicycle riding and cooking, which all will become Un-American as well as drinking Schlitz or any beer. Your Gunstock festival will be a thing of the past, as well as your freedom to blog (ha ha ha haaaaa!).

The change is coming. Get ready for it.

Isn't America great? I'm re-designing it fit my needs.


John McCain said...


Well, first I'd like to say that we need to let the bloggers tailgate. They need to cook a little, have a couple of cold ones and just 'let it all hang down, taligate-wise'.

Also, I like change too, as long as there are improvements. Sara and I want to make some changes too, but we hardly even know each other. Heck, I had no idea she was the the governor of Alaska until I talked to Tom Hanks last summer.

Vote for me. I might not last the 4 years, but at least you'll get you'll keep your guns AND be able to slaughter your own bacon.


Normys Nuggets said...

What is your cafe press url? I'd love to purchase a t-shirt or sign for my yard. Hopefully my working class neighborhood, which seems to be split, will enjoy my new sign.