Sunday, September 07, 2008

You Might Kill Me

Saturday at Muay Thai class it was interesting. You never know who will show up on a Saturday. It is a freebie of sorts, just a bonus free class for whoever wants to show. Sometimes you get fighters who need an extra workout, sometimes all beginners. I go often.

This last Saturday we had only five, four beginners and myself. Three were women. All were very new except me.

The class is an "all levels" class where the instruction is for...well...all levels. The level of instruction is for beginners. If there are enough advanced students you can pair off and work your advanced techniques, but not so this time.

It was my turn to hit pads, and I was paired up with a forty plus woman who had just started. I have mentioned a few times before that when I hit pads, I like to hit pads. She was clearly horrified. And I was getting frustrated. I motioned to the instructor, who is a fighter and I know very well. I asked him to pair up all the beginners and just let me hit hit the bag for the duration. He agreed.

I got in a kickass workout, and everybody was happy. After it was over, I went over to the woman who I was paired up with before and apologized for hitting her pads so hard, but that is the way I hit pads. She said she that she was afraid that "you might kill me". I said that I am probably one of the lower level advanced guys at the gym, and that she should try to hold pads for the head instructor sometime. We had a nice chuckle and everything was OK. I guess I really am advanced now. I also encouraged her and told her that she needed to not only hit the pads harder, but be ready for harder pad hitters as she advanced.

During the class the instructor pointed out that in the drills he told us to do that holding the pads was almost more difficult than the drill itself. I couldn't agree more.

Last week a different instructor asked me to hold pads for him - I was totally flattered. It is apparent that word is getting around the gym that I am one of the best pad holders and that pleases me greatly.

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