Sunday, September 07, 2008

"Yeah, You Heard That Right"

At the Bears game tonight they came from being total underdogs to whipping the Indianapolis Colts 29-13. As the Sunday night coverage pulled away from the Bears towards the end to a commercial I heard Al Michaels say the score and then the classic line,

"Yeah, you heard that right"

That's the best line I've heard since the tirade by Green when the Bears beat the Cardinals on Monday night about how they were who we thought they were...

What a game... the defense was awesome, the special teams were great (I am intentionally forgetting Hester's "delay" runback, I guess that nets out against the fumble that Wolfe recovered but the ref's wouldn't overturn because they weren't following the play).

And FORTE is the man. He outran defenders, surged forward, and rarely lost yards. I love the way he cut back against the pack.



Dan from Madison said...

Pretty awesome. What an improvement Forte is over dead Ced.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Looks to be an interesting season. Who knew?

One thing I do know is that I will never watch NFL on NBC again. Unless the Bears are on.

It's bad enough they foist a sawed-off sanctimonious east coast prick like Bob Costas on us but Olberman too? I despise Keith Olberman. He is a deranged liberal media hack nobody watches on PMSNBC so they add his nasty ass to the NFL studio crew. Good luck with that.

Madden sounded tired, old and out of breath. Al Michaels was, well, Al Michaels. They seemed to blame Manning for not being Manning instead of giving the Bear defense the credit they deserved. How many times do we need to hear how in past similar situations touchdown monkeys would fly out of Manning's butt?

Sorry for the rant. I'm feeling feisty today after a solid performance by an overachieving Bear team. It WAS a team effort.

All bets are off. Bring it on!

Dan from Madison said...

0lberman is a total pr1ck I agree. I had the sound turned off for most of the game.