Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tight End or Wide Receiver?

Found this item from a link at Drudge. Too funny. Check it out.

Since I am not an NFL junkie or Fantasy Football freak I am not familiar with team rosters beyond the Chicago Bears. The above story is about a Redskin player who exposed himself in a photo posted on his web site.

His excuse was that he “wanted to show the readers of his popular blog some of the study materials the players were given by coach”

The player's name was unfamiliar to me. His excuse in the article seemed lame so I did a google image search and found some images but not the one in question. Here's what I found...

In an era when athletes are wearing baggy shorts almost too long to be called shorts this guy is wearing hot pants in practice. It appears he is the only one. Is he trolling for chicks or what? I can only hope so.

There have been NFL players who were “pretty boys” and proudly flaunted their physical superiority in photographs. No problem. Joe Namath once posed wearing pantyhose in a reclining position for an advertisement.

If this player is known to practice in hot pants and posts a naked image of himself on the interwebs was it a simple mistake? Is this a Will Farrell bit that I am not getting?

Maybe the team from D.C. can finally make the politically correct move and rid themselves of that offensive slur to Native Americans.

I suggest they change their team name to the Washington Foreskins. Imagine what that new helmet logo would look like.


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