Sunday, September 28, 2008

Note to the Press - Stop Focusing on Defense

Chicago Tribune Article Focuses on Defense

Today an article appeared in the Chicago Tribune titled "A Big Game? Better Believe It". The article went on to discuss the importance of winning today, not only so the Bears end up at 2-2 instead of 1-3, but also to get some tie breaker leverage against likely wild-card candidates.

Starting in the second column of the article, the usual Chicago press over-focus on defense begins. In focusing on why the team lost against Carolina and Tampa, they look at:

  • Ogunleye questions his team-mates focus and the late lead
  • Vasher is upset at being replaced by Tillman in late game situations
  • Tommie Harris was mad because the Bears let go Mark Bradley (another Angelo bust) - OK, this is offense, but why the heck are they asking Tommie Harris?
  • Lovie was criticized for his defensive coordinator Babich
  • Then the article talks about Angelo's bad draft picks
  • Then they talked above the fact that McNabb will be harder to sack than Griese, and the Bears defense didn't even get one sack against Tampa
  • Then they talked about Philadelphia's game plan, figuring that the Eagles defense could blitz and confuse Orton (unfortunately, very likely)
  • Then they mentioned that the Eagles defense would try to spoil Forte's homecoming
  • FINALLY - out of the 4 columns of this big article, abut 1/2 way down - they start discussing the offense

What do they say about the offense?

"Who would have guessed that the Bears' offense would be the team's most predictable unit?"

THAT'S IT! No mention of the fact that Turner's style has been all over the map with each game, from an effective mix of runs and short passes (aided by Hester and special teams) in game one to a "no chance bomb" fest in game 2 to a TON of missed opportunities in game 3, which led to a focus on a penalty in OT on Tillman rather than the fact that the offense missed a lot of chances to put the game away. This is an incorrect statement, to say that they have been the most predictable, and then where is the journalistic "digging" to come up with an actual statement on the offensive game plan?


If you look at the box to the left in this article, there is an article on Florida's upset loss to Mississippi at home. The article is essentially 100% about Florida's OFFENSE, as their quarterback Tim Tebow took responsibility for the loss and it focused on late game offensive calls.


Do you think that in Dallas 90% of the column inches are devoted to defense? No way! Why did the Pats almost make it to the end last year - they picked up Moss - and then it was Eli of the Giants with Plaxico that sealed the win on offense.


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