Sunday, September 07, 2008

New Stupid Rules

This year in college football, there have been a couple of rule changes which totally suck. Washington was the victim of one big one already this year.

They had been in a real barn burner of a game with BYU, and at the end of the game scored a touchdown to pull the game to 28-27 with .02 left. All they had to do is kick the PAT to send it into overtime. But the refs called an excessive celebration penalty, for this:

That was what I would call a GOOD celebration with your teammates, no taunting, just jumping up and down.

As a result, Washington had to kick a 35 yard PAT, and it got blocked. Washington still should have made what is essentially a short field goal, and in the end, should not have let themselves get into the spot where they had to score a TD with .02 left to tie the game. But I want to keep this post on the point of the new rules.

The call was right. The rule sucks, but the call was correct. I noted that the new rule was crap last week somewhere in the comments of the SFU when I started seeing it called for the first time. I mean they expect these guys to be Barry Sanders and hand the ball to the ref and trot off to the sidelines*. He was famous for being stone cold non-emotional on the field as you can see from this video of him scoring a TD in the Holiday Bowl:

Is this what we really want college football to turn into?

You can’t even hardly jump up and down, high five or do hardly anything! To add to it, the call is subjective. We have been arguing holding and interference calls for decades because they are subjective. It isn’t like 12 men on the field or offsides. Subjective calls are up to the ref and the ref alone to interpret the rule, and are not up for replay.

That BYU - Washington game was a barn burner to the very end - I watched the whole thing. Both sides had to know from their coaches that the refs had been calling these celebration penalty plays on week 1. It still sucks. It is a stupid rule and needs to be abandoned. I don’t want taunting and shit like Miami used to do back ten years ago, but the current rule of allowing the scoring team to do nothing needs to go.

Also of importance is the elimination of the five yard face mask penalty. I am not sure at times if the rules committee has members who have actually played football. Stuff happens on a football field that is not under the players control. These guys are moving at incredible speeds and if a runner zigs and the defender thought we was going to zag, at times arms hit the face mask. I understand this should not happen, but it does all the time. I was a big proponent of the five yard face mask and the more severe 15 yarder. As a matter of fact I thought that they should start ejecting blatant face mask tacklers, as the tackle by face mask is super dangerous for obvious reasons.

Both of these new rules are horseshit and will be talked about a LOT this year. Especially by the teams that get screwed over by them.

I will miss the horse collar tackle too as that has been outlawed, and is also a 15 yard penalty.

*I am from this point on calling this rule the “BSR” or Barry Sanders Rule.

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Mark said...

I didn't realize the 5-yard face mask penalty was eliminated. Why??? But I have been on both sides of a horse collar tackle, so I don't have a problem with that being a 15 yarder. That was one of the few ways to get a good shot at someone out in the open field without getting ejected.

Dan from Madison said...

You got me on the fask mask stuff - eliminating the five yarder was incredibly stupid and I bet it will get repealed next year. The horse collar tackle is a better debate, as you said it is a good way to cheap shot someone.