Monday, September 29, 2008

My Close Personal Friend

Click photo for larger.

After work Thursday I hauled a** down to Olin Park to participate in a walk to battle leukemia. While I was there I spotted a certain mascot for a certain home town team. I needed this photo - I simply couldn't help myself. I even give him a "W" to show my spirit. He didn't know that I am actually an Illini fan, but we were all Badger fans that day. Part of the band showed up too. All hamming around aside, I thought that it was a nice gesture by the University to send Bucky and part of the band to the event.


johnnyj said...

Dude, what are you doing posing with that chipmunk?

Mark said...

You can hang out with that flea-bag all you want; I'll be over here with the girls:

(my son at Crazy Legs 2006)

Dan from Madison said...

Good photo!

jonathan said...

Is that the Folsom Street Fair?