Saturday, September 06, 2008

I Love September

Full retirement is within sight for me. Many folks my age might be looking to relocate to the southwestern sun belt, the Florida gulf coast, Caleefornya or an affordable shack near a warm climate like the mid-atlantic states to countdown their final years. Not me. I love living right here in the Midwest. I plan on staying.

Call me crazy but I can see myself moving to a remote cabin on a lake in northern Minnesota before living in oppressive southern humidity nine months out of the year. I like walleye better than catfish. Game birds are plentiful and the deer are larger up there.

Spring is nice. The month of May brings good open water fishing, the Indy 500 and longer periods of sunlight. No more ice-packed country roads, no more salty interstates. What spring lacks is a harvest. While the month of May brings anticipation September is the transition month into winter. It is my reward for living another year.

Football. MLB playoffs and the World Series. Hunting. Apple picking. Light jackets. Elections. And yeah, a lot of leaf and gutter clean-up for those of us who live out here in the woods. The days grow short and the nights grow long. We deal with it here in the great midwest.

October is even better. It is September X2. Leaves turn and fall. Crisp nights with open windows and warm sunny days happen. Grilling and BBQing add a special aroma to the darker early evenings. The guns are clean and the seasons are open. October is my favorite month of the year.

But September is a close second.


Dan from Madison said...

The winters have been killing me. Someday if I ever retire I will be a snowbird for sure. Last year was literally insane with well over 100 inches of snow here, shattering the old record by plenty.

Probably Arizona in winter, Michigan and/or Wisconsin the rest of the year eventually.

Weed said...

"Retirement Relocation" is not part of my plans, either. The sense of home is as strong for me here in Oregon as it is for you in the Great Midwest. Becoming a Snow Bird is not appealing.

However, the ability to travel is quite another issue. One of the many things I am looking forward to in retirement is travel. I do a considerable amount in my job, but anticipate more fun when it's done for a different reason.

As I have been preparing for retirement over the last few years, I have begun to consider the emotions and reactions to life events while I count down the time. To mark the journey from working years to retirement, you are invited to share your perspectives on my Retirement Countdown blog at:

One day, I realized I had 2185 days remaining until I was eligible. Now, I use the blog to count down the days and examine the planning and experiences that are taking place along the way.

Feel free to join in the countdown.


Gerry from Valpo said...

Great observations Dave. I like the cut of your jib.