Thursday, September 25, 2008


After months of emails we (Dan, Carl & myself) will finally be getting together for a day on my family farm in rural Indiana. This follows a Bear Game LITGM Tailgate last Sunday. What a fine autumnal week for the LITGM crew!

Last spring I posted an account of some shooting the bro and I did on our family farm. Years ago when I worked full time downtown Chicago there were friends of mine and co-workers who owned guns but had no place to shoot since they lived in the city. Some went to Bell’s in Melrose Park, the only Illinois gun range near the Chicago city limits. Some would make occasional trips to Buffalo Range, a public outdoor range far southwest of the city. Here is a photo of the first time I held a farmshoot with the original attendees.

Mark on the left is a huge muzzleloader fan. Michael (The Squire) was a British artist from Liverpool and claimed to have seen the Beatles live in the Caverns as a teen. Next is Wolf (his real name) who was a Vietnam vet and a total gun freak. I am on the right holding Wolf’s HK93, I chopped that small tree down with one clip of 223.

It soon became an annual event and grew in popularity (up to 24 one year). Some left town, others retired or got out of the business, job changes and unfortunately one passed away. The farm shoot interest waned and soon September was a time when only local friends and myself went out to shoot clays at the farm as a tune up for the hunting season.

In emails with Dan and Carl they mentioned that they would like to visit the farm and get in some trigger time. September is the best time to be out there. The insects are down and the weather is generally mild.

On Saturday, Dan and Carl will come on down to rural Indiana for this plink-a-thon. Regular contributor Annie was invited but had a conflict so I will miss seeing her fine weaponry and getting a lesson from her on pistol shooting (I suck with a pistol). Carl is bringing some of his friends. My bro and a few friends will be there too. About a dozen or so gun lovers and bitter-clingers will be in attendence.

It is not intended to be a competitive shooting match at all. It’s strictly for fun and practice. Last Saturday we set up some boards in front of the hill to staple targets on, with ranges at 100 and 200 yds. There will be a short range set up for pistols and .22 rifles. Finally there will be mechanical launchers for shotgun clays. When the weapons are stowed away there will be burgers, brats and beers.

Hopefully this will become an annual blog event. In preparation I have been thinking of a name. What first came to mind was LITGMGF (Life In The Great Midwest Gun Fest).

After some thought and an attempt to come up with something more memorable and cute I named it “GUNSTOCK”, after that musical hippiefest of the late 60's, “WOODSTOCK”.

Sure hope nobody gets nekkid and jumps in the pond.


Dan from Madison said...

Kickass poster! Can't wait to see you there. I just filled the H3 with all of my glorious metal, blue and stainless, and a boatload of lead. Let the clinging begin.

Annie said...

OMG OMG OMG!! I'm SO fricken ticked that I can't show up!!
I just know you're gonna have a ton of fun and I'm gonna miss it all!!
Take lots of pictures.
Oh, and Gerry...
Whatever you learned with rifles carries over and lends itself to pistols. Ten bucks says you're a better shot than you claim to be, even if you don't know it. :p
Focus Front Sights, baybay!!

Annie said...

Just because it's cool!!

Dan from Madison said...

You should blow off that wedding or whatever it is and get out there Annie.

Dan from Madison said...

And that is one funny link.

jonathan said...

Sound great.

jonathan said...

Dammit. I mean it sounds great.