Monday, September 22, 2008

The Boss 1971 Mustang

On Saturday we went out to the farm. We set up some targets and got in some trigger time. I still suck with a handgun…need…much…more…practice.

While out there we visited our farm friend across the road. His family has done the actual planting and harvesting at my dad’s place for decades.

We got a look at his recently purchased classic muscle car, a 1971 Boss 351 Mustang. Ford produced this model for only one year and the coupe versions are rare to find, most were fastbacks. They are a dedicated Ford Mustang family, his wife’s new Mustang GT is parked in the background

This one wears the classic 5-spoke Cragar chrome mag wheels, These were THE custom wheels on muscle cars of the late 60’s and early 70’s.

He took me down the road for a few burn-outs. It took a few hours to get that aroma of burning Goodrich out of my sinuses. They wuz sssaaamokin’!

Few born after 1970 have had the thrill of riding in and driving these neck-snapping vehicles of mass acceleration as I did back then. They were everywhere.

Today many think of a BMW or Porsche as a high performance vehicle. They may be but nothing like those classics were for brute force straight ahead speed. In the 70’s the only BMW we knew of was the motorcycle. One friend owned a used BMW 2002, can’t remember the year. It was just butt-ugly. At least the American automakers still make fine muscle cars like the Viper and Corvette. Ford is offering a new 500 HP Shelby Mustang like this one I saw in Chicago about a year ago. I would love to at least ride in a Viper or a new Shelby. One day, maybe.


Dan from Madison said...


Carl from Chicago said...

man that is a cool looking car

Al from Elkhorn said...

Nice Mustang... but NOT a true Boss 351! I have owned two (One in the garage right now!) and this one doesn't fit at all. Sorry!

Gerry from Valpo said...

Not being an expert on historic automotive nuances I rely on those , like you, who do. I stand corrected. Thanks for the comment : )