Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bears Home Opener

Tomorrow Dan, Gerry and I (and Gerry's brother) are heading over to tailgate at Soldier's Field to watch the Bears home opener. We are always hopeful that the Bears will win and it looks like beautiful weather - supposed to be 72 degrees and partly sunny for the noon kick off. Dan brings the truck, Gerry the food, and I bring the beer. Will be a lot of fun. We always leave my place in Chicago by 8am to avoid the crazy, congested crowds at the parking lot as well as to leave time for the least competent employees in the universe working at the lot to let us in.

Here is a shot of our flagpole with the Bears flag and the "Don't Tread on Me" Navy Jack. While we have left a few things behind at these events thankfully the flags have made it all through the years. Probably less alcohol intake now because Dan is a fitness fanatic (as in zealot) and I have to keep my wits about me to "score" Ron Turner's performance (here is his miserable scorecard for game 2), although Dan rightly thinks that some drunken fan behind us is going to spill beer on me and ruin the score sheet and I'll have to re-do it later from Tivo (maybe that would make it more authentic).


1 comment:

Dan from Madison said...

I still can't believe we left the stupid flagpole behind that one time.

It will be a great day. You have zero chance of using the score card at the game, it is going to get ripped to shreds and totally soaked. Be sure to have your tivo set.