Thursday, August 28, 2008

SOX GAME! In The Front Row

Getting a seat in the first five rows at a pro sports event can be had a number of ways. You need to know someone who is a season ticket holder who isn’t going to game X, you can pay a scalper his insane markup or hit up a business vendor with company box seats to name a few.

In the past I have sat in prime seats many times through all the above channels. My best seats came the easiest way, moving up to vacant seats during the game. I have tried many tricks to get past ushers and security (trade secrets) and most work.

Me and my bro and friends have done it at Comiskey Park many times with positive results. IF the ticket holders show up we politely move and find another vacant seat. Or go back to our own. Nobody gets hurt. But some folks got wet when Ozzie sprayed fans with a water bottle.

Sitting up close adds a different dimension to any pro game and what’s wrong with sitting in a no-show seat? Just for a while?

Last Sunday we had fine seats in the 100 level looking directly down the second to third base line. I had my camera so there was motivation to get up close and take some photos late in the game. In the top of the tenth a lot of fans bailed so empties were fair game and the union ushers were busy looking at their watches figuring the overtime comp.

I made a quick move about three or four aisles closer to home and started leapfrogging my way stopping for rests at vacant seats on my way to the front row. Once at the wall and kneeling in the aisle I began snapping photos. Got some good ones of the on-deck circle where batters were warming up ten feet away. To my left, in the front row were three vacant seats so I slid in staying low and snapping grab shots.

Then I felt a shove from behind. Guy behind says, ”those seats are taken.” I turned around and told him I would move when they came back, just taking a few photos. Turning back to the field I just kept shooting thinking nothing of the fact that this little prick assaulted me.

Then he did it again, he shoved me from behind and told me to leave. I did something very rare. I stood up, turned around and told him if he touched me again I would have to kick his ass in front of all these people right here right now. I asked if he was an usher, or a cop. I asked what business he had patrolling seat assignments? Then he turned into a total weasel and started screaming for “SECURITY, SECURITY”

Security guy in the dugout ten feet away signaled me to GTFO. I did but not before threatening that weasel with death again if he touched me as I walked back to our real seats.

It enraged me so that I was close to busting my knuckles on his chin since he hit me first. Common sense, a trip to jail, fingerprinting, mug shots, legal bills, court fees, three years of potential gummint judicial hell and my own maturity stifled my potential behavior. When shit like this happens it happens within seconds. Good judgement is vital.

But I did talk a lot of smack with this asshole and it felt good to verbally berate him in public for being a prick in front of hundreds of witnesses. So I left but not before achieving my objective of getting some close-up photos.

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Dan from Madison said...

You are more bold than me, I don't even say much of anything to these types, just leave as soon as I can, as Carl can attest.