Sunday, August 03, 2008

Lollapalooza Day Two

One problem with Lollapalooza is the fact that they are sponsored by Bud. While I have been known to intentionally drink a Miller Lite "corn water" from time to time I NEVER intentionally drink a Bud product - pretty much only when there are no other options. After a while I found a shady beer garden, and while the additional beers weren't great, they were OK and I was able to at least get a Stella Artois. I do like the kitschy girl up there, though. In a different part of the crowd someone threw a frisbee and knocked my beer (I probably should have been paying attention) and bought me a new one, which was a nice gesture. As I said the previous day the crowd is very laid back which makes the shows go by much better.
The entrance gate is right by Buckingham Fountain, which was recently remodeled. The fountain is primarily regarded as a nuisance since it bisects the venue and you can only go around it on one side (the other side is the entrance) but it definitely is positive on the landscape if you stop to notice it, like me and the gull did.
The po-po are watching you - the Chicago police have this contraption that they can raise or lower to view the proceedings. I saw it lowered down later (presumably so that they could get in or out).
The crowd was pretty packed in for Day 2. It kind of was claustrophobic by the ATT stage, with the Myspace stage along the way (where I saw MGMT). I think they sold out Lolla for the first time and really it was pretty nuts, although the crowd was well behaved.
I will be returning today with reports from the McCain tent.

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