Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Chicago Storm

In 1959 Mayor Daley (the first) set off the air raid / civil defense sirens when the White Sox won the pennant. They hadn't been heard from again until 2006 when I noted it in this post.

A couple nights ago in the big storm my friend Elton (whom I am always workin' on for joining the blog, but it hasn't happened yet) took these great photos of lightning striking near the Trump Tower (or in the lake behind the tower), as the sirens roared yet again. He stood out in the rain to get these shots so he is a true professional. No tornadoes struck us, but the wind really was roaring, and the lightning put on a fantastic show.


Gerry from Valpo said...


Was the shutter open or was it a lucky shot?

Elton at Large said...

A little of both. For these, I used a digital camera and set it for a long shutter and under-exposure. I previously used an old Nikon 35mm film camera and left the shutter open for 30-seconds or more. I'd still blow through two or three rolls of ISO-100 and only get a couple of decent shots so there's definitely an element of luck involved with the timing.