Friday, July 25, 2008

Hester. Prynned.

It’s that time of year again. The visible signs are everywhere.

Let's see. Back-To-School advertising appears, Menards puts those gaudy outdoor Halloween decorations up for sale, images of hurricanes show up on the national doppler weather radar map and NFL players hold out for more money.

Yep, it’s late July alright.

Devin Hester, the sensational kick return specialist for the Bears decided that he needs more money. His paltry $650,000 a year contract is no where in line with his talent, contributions and potential. He is the latest Bear training camp holdout who is under contract to play. To me he is definitely worth a lot more. But he did sign a contract so there's no sympathy from me. You can find sympathy in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.

Just take a look at his ride. A Chevy Impala? It may be pimped out but shouldn’t that be a Cadiallac Esarape or an exotic Italian race car like the one Lance Briggs trashed last year at 2am and then took off to avoid the dreaded breathalyzer test?? Hester's homeys in Miami must be laughing out loud at this sad chump. A ride like that suits an Englewood crack dealer just fine but an NFL Superstar?

C'mon! With $650,000 per year he can't do better than that? Maybe he is buying a firearm collection like Tank Johnson. Maybe he spends it clubbing with bitches and ho's and gambling boats. Maybe he bought his own boat just like Cedric Benson did.

No wonder he’s a no-show at training camp in Bearbonais. He’s embarrassed to park that ride in the team parking lot next to tricked-out Hummers and exotic italian jobs.

Dan Pompei is a sports journalist and a damn good one. He covers the NFL for The Chicago Tribune. This morning while reading his latest I was shaking my head up and down.

YES! Make Hester trade bait while his value is high. What do you think, Dev?

Here is Dan’s idea and I agree with him 100%.,0,129102.column

With Hester the Bears may go 8-8 to bear-ly miss a wild card spot. Without Hester the Bears should go 6-10 to miss the post season for sure. And I am being generous here.

If Bears management is smart this is exactly what they will do. But then again, the current Bear administration’s sense of judgment in compiling a winning roster is about as good as O’Bama’s judgement in selecting ministers, terrorist buddies, real estate partners and eventually a cabinet. (Wretch).

Some NFL owners with fat wallets and inflated egos would love to have Hester. Some would benefit immediately to have this weapon.

Now compare Dan’s idea with the one published yeaterday in The Chicago Slum-Times by Jay Mariotti. Old baloney brain says to pay the man.,mariotti072408.article

Jay Mariotti is the worst Chicago sports writer of all time. He cannot carry Dan Pompei’s jock. This is just another example of Jay's observational ineptitude.


Dan from Madison said...

Mariotti is truly a hack. I see him on ESPN spouting nonsense on occasion, and he has absolutely no idea what he is talking about on any subject.

As far as Hester goes, I think you are generous to the Bear record without him, he is half our offense.

Dan from Madison said...

Wow the Bears caved very quickly on this one. 8-8 it is this year.