Saturday, July 12, 2008

From The Home Office In Valparaiso, IN

First thing in the morning I check my email. Before the shit, shower and shave ritual it’s time to log in and see if the daily plans need to change. 4:30 am Thursday morning was no different.

My primary business email is through the .mac service provided by Apple. It costs $99 per year and is worth every cent to me. The bill goes into the write-off pile. .mac provides me with my primary business communications. Besides the business email (spam free) service .mac provides me with my business website and a file sharing upload / download server where I am able to exchange large (sometime up to 1gb) image files. It’s similar to an ftp site.

.mac has served me well for three years since I started my own independent graphic design and high-end imaging business. It enabled me to work from home most of the time allowing me to do that virtual office thingy. Like all things Apple, it's insanely great to me.

Thursday morning I was greeted by the dreaded .mac “temporary service disruption” page. This was odd, it has happened only once or twice and never lasted more than a few hours. Throughout the day the same message appeared. Then I remembered, for a few months my .mac landing page had bragged about the new upgrade to come called mobile me.

Clever. The folks at Apple are going to expand the .mac service for no extra charge, in fact they promise to add 10gb of storage space free making the total 20gb. Nice. Also included is the following, from their pitch:

-You might have a Mac at home, a PC at work, and an iPhone or iPod touch. But how do you keep them all in sync? Businesses can use a server like Exchange. For everyone else, there’s MobileMe.

-MobileMe works with the applications you know well. Microsoft Outlook on a PC. Mail, Address Book, and iCal on a Mac. And Mail, Contacts, and Calendar on your iPhone or iPod touch

-Access and manage your email, contacts, calendar, photos, and files at All with feature-rich web apps so easy to use, you might prefer them to your desktop applications.

More info is here:

Mobile Me promises the equivalent of a corporate IT department for a small business user like myself.

So I'm thinking that they were going through the switch over. OK, but the warning screen told me that the disruption was “scheduled” maintenance. If it was scheduled then why didn’t they warn me with an email? Now I am getting pissed.

Later in the day while watching CNBC there was a feature on the introduction of the new, improved iPhone going on sale Friday. Then it clicked. Since Mobile Me was obviously being upgraded to handle the new iPhone features the servers were taken down. Fine, but my lifeline to the business was down too.

Friday, as I checked my stock portfolio on yahoo finance a news story at the top of the page reported the Apple iPhone meltdown. Seems all those fools waiting in long lines for days were not able to activate their iPhones. The reason given was that the iTunes servers became overloaded and iTunes is where you go to set up and activate your iPhone account. So no .mac all day Friday. Bastards!

Apple stock dropped about $5 per share at closing too. Sure glad I took my profit a few months ago. Over the years, Apple stock has been very, very good to me. It was so predictable to buy before a Mac product intro on speculation and sell at a profit, sometimes within days like the iMac and iPhone intros. Woohoo! If you own some and didn't sell Friday it is going to be a rough ride.

In addition, my career was greatly enhanced by Apple and the MacOS. I am a Photoshop jock by trade. The Adobe CS software line made me a handsome living. I began digital imaging in 1984, when Jobs and Gates were tinkerers. Working on a DEC (Digital Equipment Co) based system loaded with Images ll proprietary software from the New York Institute of Technology I was a pioneer in my business creating digital images before anyone else, something I am very proud of.

Bought my first home computer, an Apple ll in 1989. Since then I have owned seven Apple computers and they were all supercharged with high-end aftermarket goodies too. They really ripped!

Currently I operate top-end Powermac G5 on the desk and a G4 Powermac laptop for the road. My daughter has two Apple computers, a new Intel MacPro laptop and an iMac. That's four Mac's on the premises. We each have an iPod here at the country bunker for a total of three between us.

I am as dedicated as they come to Apple and the MacOS. Can you tell?

In 1999 I met Steve Jobs in person at the San Francisco Macworld Expo through a friend with connections in Cupertino. I attended the huge Apple corporate party on the roof of the Moscone Center where I met Herbie Hancock and Muhammad Ali who were part of the “Think Different” ad campaign. The posters from that campaign are worth upwards of $200 now. I tossed mine years ago and I had them all. Also at Macworld I met and partied with people who I considered true geniuses like Kai Krause and his crew from Meta Creations and the development staff of the QTVR software from Apple. I got a guided tour through the Cupertino corporate HQ as a special guest with three other ad biz power users.

You will take away my Mac only after I perforate your chest with 00 Buck from my short 12ga double side-by-side.

For the past 20 years there has been very few problems between me and the genius from Cupertino.

Now it’s Saturday and still no .mac service. I must have a hundred business emails waiting. Thursday night I had to FedEx a DVD with a project I had been working on because without .mac, there’s no iDisk for the upload.

Steve Jobs? Not only am ready to cut his nuts out right now but I would like to shove that new iPhone up his ass. Sideways.

Well...not really. But I sure am pissed! And the legions of misinformed Mac haters are sure to chortle.

You can bet Jobs is in Cupertino right now cutting the nuts out of anyone and everyone who is behind this debacle.

I will be buying that new iPhone. Maybe in a few weeks :)


leadchucker said...

Try going to redirects to should give you a login page. Just use the same login you had for Mine seems to be working fine.

Good luck!

Carl from Chicago said...

Great post. Is this your counterpoint to my MSFT post :)

Also if you ever watch "My life on the D List" with Kathy Griffin she is dating Woz and it is pretty hilarious.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Thanks leadchucker! It worked. there were only 38 emails I missed seeing.

Carl, I cannot stand Kathy G or Woz. I stumbled into a room when the old lady was watching that show and it made me wretch. Gak!

No, this is not a counterpoint. Just a day in the life and iI felt like rambling on about my love for the MacOS.

BC Master said...

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