Thursday, July 03, 2008

Doro What? Part Two

Click any photo for larger. Part one is here.

Here is what you have when all of the other ingredients are tossed in.
And in goes the chicken. Six thighs.
And here is the finished product. As I mentioned in part one, I decided to put it on rice, only having so much time. It would be even better on the roti I would think or a fried patacon as Steve mentions in the book. Enlarge this photo. Note the fat swimming around on the outside edge of the sauce on the bottom of the plate. THAT is why I used the bone in thighs. You simply won't get that wonderful tasting grease with breast meat. I dumped a little parsley on top for presentation.
I guess I can't say enough about the unbelievable flavor in this dish. Here are a couple of closeups.

Urp. Oh my god what a dinner. There is no question I am making this again. If I make it for the whole family I will completely omit the habanero. If making for the wife and myself, I will put in one. If I make it for myself only I will probably dump two in there. No matter what way you play it this dish is a keeper.

As I noted in part one I decided not to discuss the techniques and cooking times too much because I want you to buy Steve's book. Buy it here, $11 well spent.


jonathan said...

This looks very good.

Dan from Madison said...

It is outstanding, buy it and try it. Pretty easy too.

Gerry from Valpo said...

True, I found LITGM from a Steve H link.

This looks good but it will have to wait, too busy grillin and BBQ'n these days. I like stews more in the winter.

BTW. Isn't Fenugreek playing in the Chicago Cubs outfield this year?

Susskins said...

Dude, it ate a hole in the spoon.

Dan from Madison said...

I'll be damned, you are right.