Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Day On Lake Michigan Part 3

Here’s the catch. This is our perch rig of choice. The minnow is called a “baby roach”. The drop weight is 3/4 oz and the snell hooks are #4. Cheap rig.

Now, I don’t know for true but there is another type of minnow sold locally called a “golden roach”. It looks nothing like a roach and it comes with silvery scales, no gold at all. They are usually 4-6” long and used for northern pike and largemouth bass. It can make a great ice fishing bait hooked under tip-ups in deep water. I guess these baby roach’s are golden roach adolescents or teenagers. Or something like that. Demographics can be a real bitch.


While our outing for perch on Sunday was not perfect the quality made up for the quantity. Folks, these are super jumbo perch. Two years ago at this time we caught three limits of perch in the 10-14” class, at times hauling in doubles in a morning's trip. When the bite is really hot three limits can be had in an hour, no shit. That’s 45 fish similar to this and we have done it more than once. When the conditions are right and the bite is hot.

Last year the winds were consistently from the north, northwest, northeast or east. That’s a lousy perch wind and ‘07 was not a great year simply because we could not get out often enough due to conditions. When we did the bite was slow.

As of Sunday the ’08 bite is just coming on and we look forward to another two months of hauling in super jumbo perch.

This is the big one for today. 13". Not bad.

There's a perch with shoulders.

Here is how we rate perch.

9” is a nice fish. Cleaning them is a pain in the ass but they are tasty and fun. A limit of 8” perch is nothing to complain about. If they’re less than 8”, cleaning them is a pain and frying them is like eating potato chips. But very tasty potato chips they are.

10-12” perch are jumbos. Easier to filet and more meat per cut. Juicy.

12” plus is a super jumbo. We keep walleye this size. Perch this size is unreal. Who knew? One report out of Michigan City IN a month ago was confirmed that a fisherman caught a 16” perch. That’s a trophy!

Here was my day’s take. We keep a few small perch. In case we run out of minnows, a perch gullet makes fine bait. I think of it as bait insurance.

In this photo the two perch on the left are 13” super jumbos.

The four to the right are in the jumbo class.

The others were bait insurance andall but one is edible. By humans. So how about he one on the far right? It was as small as our largest minnows.

The super jumbos are finally in. We’ll be back for more. Soon.



Dan from Madison said...

AWESOME posts. I used to catch perch in northern Wisco and they weren't even close to those monsters.

Carl from Chicago said...

That is a great picture of the fish with the bait in its mouth

Gerry from Valpo said...

that's not bait. it was the smallest perch we caught. see photo #3. but it could have been bait, perch are cannibals.