Saturday, June 21, 2008


Some like to collect fine shotguns like rare Merkels and Parkers that cost tens of thousands. That's a lot of gas money or ammo.

Me? I love shotguns but not the kind that hang on a wall or get displayed in a glass case. I can (and do) visit Cabela's gun library to appreciate fine art.

A shotgun is a tool that belongs in every household. It can put food on the table or splatter a home intruder. If I could find this one on sale it would be bought in a nanosecond.

Found this little beauty here:

I want one.


Dan from Madison said...

Ugh, no eye protection and it doesn't look like ears either. And he pointed the stupid thing at his foot - twice. Stuff like that makes me cringe. But interesting gun to be sure.

Annie said...

Dan posted every single thing I was thinking EXCEPT that he also needed to keep his booger hook off the bang switch.
The gun is interesting for sure, but you couldn't pay me to spend time playing around an unsafe shooter.
Cooper's Rules. Learn 'em, live 'em, breathe 'em.