Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I am in love.

I like guns. All kinds of guns. Pistols to protect me. Rifles to hunt with. Muzzleloaders to play with. But my favorite weapon is a shotgun. "Cause I love to hunt gamebirds with Speck.

Check out my new girlfriend. When I get my hands on one there won't be a gamebird left in northern Indiana. And if I am not careful, no meat to show for my effort. Homemade wild game gumbo be damned!

Hang in to the video long enough to see the "Frag 12". I will personally rid northern Indiana golf courses of the Canadia Goose infestation with these Frag 12's. I will become the Carl Spackler of the new millennium.


Carl from Chicago said...

Glad you are back up on your internet connection and posting up on the blog!

Gerry from Valpo said...

Thanks, Carl. Now that I figured out how to upload video this could get urgly.

Don said...

I love that show. I just wish that guy didn't whisper all the time.

Where can we set up a group buy on these things? ;-)

Dan from Madison said...

WANT. It is amazing how little recoil that thing has.