Sunday, June 15, 2008

Storm Over River North

Today a big storm came in during the morning from West to East over River North. The sky was clear and a single, giant black cloud moved in quickly and covered the sky.

I took some video and uploaded it to You Tube... it is 2 videos spliced together, first the storm rolling in and then some brief lighting before I had to evacuate my balcony (not a great place to be in an electrical storm, I've been told).

Still trying to figure out the vagaries of You Tube. From reading various spots on the web they said to upload the video in WMV (windows media format). The file was compressed down from about 200 MB to about 2 MB, so obviously a big quality loss. I probably could re-upload in a higher quality format. Also - after the Indy 500 I put some posts up and they were "claimed" by someone as copyright violations, which allowed them to put up paid ads that come up on the right side when the videos are watched. Seems fishy to me, especially since I don't think the formal Indy 500 actually was making the claim. If someone knows some good formats for uploading on You Tube or is an expert on the best way to do it using Blogger put comments in the post, I am still learning.

Here is the file uploaded directly into the blog post using Blogger.

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Jonathan said...

Looks like rain.