Monday, June 30, 2008

Second Annual Tour de Wisconsin Agriculture, Part Two

Click any photo for larger. Part One is here.

After the sun burned off the fog I was pretty happy. The hills are great just to the northwest of Madison. I would say at this point I was approximately 10 or 12 miles out.

I saw lots of the usual fields that I detailed last year, then stumbled upon this one. What the heck?
How about a closer look. Can you guess the crop? Amazingly, I did. I will put the answer in the comments.
Along part of the ride was this farm - I am assuming these are cages for veal. Either that, or this is an area that they keep the calves separated from the mothers for a while just after birth for wheatever reason. The calves you see are not immobilized by those head things, they can move around in the pen. Still, not a lot of exercise going to be seen by these guys.
Some of the hills in this area are pretty brutal. At the top of this one you are rewarded with a great view. When descending hills like these you can get going over 40 mph. I get skittish when I hit 30 so I usually back it down on the backsides of these larger hills.
This brings me to the halfway point, and my usual snack with dead people. Always good to be on this side of the ground, as I always say. I detailed this cemetery here and here last year.
What a horrible washed out photo. I guess that is what I get for using the timer, and not properly positioning the camera.


Dan from Madison said...

Barley, baby!

jonathan said...

Nice hill.